Final Fantasy 14 gamescom Footage Rundown!

A run down video of all the things that Square Enix had on offer at gamescom 2019.

Square Enix & Final Fantasy 14 we’re heating things up this year at gamescom 2019. Gamescom is one of Europes biggest gaming exhibitions. This among many other games and hardware developers. Square Enix pulled out all the material to put on a show that fans would remember.

The Square Enix team have created a short compilation video showcasing the features and events. An incredible cosplay competition, an opportunity to meet the producers and your very own chance to beat some of Shadowbringers biggest and baddest.

Final Fantasy 14 has hit the ground running this summer as one of the most played online MMORPGS and the above video pays tribute to that.

Man we wish we went!

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