Since they are billions – defense RTS games have been a big thing for me.  I’m addicted to the challenge they bring, the light randomness, the chance that within seconds your well constructed fortress can be broken in seconds.

Thus Age of Darkness has now arrived to give me a second helping of amazing RTS gameplay which reminds me of the old school days of Warcraft 3 and more.

Age of Darkness Trailers & Updates

“The darkness is an entity of evil. Some say it is the manifestation of human fear and nightmares, others say it is a wandering mass of damned souls haunting us. The origin of the darkness itself is unknown, but one thing for certain is that we can keep it at bay through the power of light and fire.”

Age of Darkness is available on Steam and is currently being featured in a Team 17 Developer sale.  We cannot encourage enough especially for an Early Access title which has a tonne of content for a little less than £20.

What’s great is the developers are still updating the game regularly – especially with balance changes and the brand new addition of Vizago a third faction for you to play and survive the veil from.

I have yet to beat the game but i’m working on it – However it’s all about the journey.  I cannot recommend Age of Darkness enough – Be sure to try it especially if you enjoy solid RTS games.

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