We will be Streaming Rage 2 on Release!

Good News our friends! Chaos Hour will be streaming Rage 2 upon Release Date - So Get ready for an immersive dive into the world hand crafted by Bethesda

Chaos Hour will be Streaming Rage 2
Chaos Hour will be Streaming Rage 2

Good News Fans – Chaos Hour will be streaming Rage 2 on Release date. Once released we will be providing you and other views the chance to partake as we dive into the world hand-crafted by the incredible Bethesda.

Rage 2 Chaos Hour Twitch Stream

We will be streaming Rage 2 over on our Twitch Stream which can be found at our TV Page.

We will be allowing viewers to take part in Viewer competitions, Viewer games while handing out a handful of giveaways and freebies. Who knows maybe we will be giving a copy of the game away to one lucky viewer!

Rage 2 Will be played by ‘Terror’ One of our Resident streamers.

Other News

We will continue to update the Schedule once a Release date for Rage 2 has been confirmed. If you’re interested in Rage 2 be sure to check our News regarding the game over time.

Until then – Happy gaming.

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