Rage 2 – Release Date, DLC, Trailer, Gameplay and More!

Rage 2 offers Players an explosive post apocalyptic world which will immerse you like no other. Check here for news regarding release dates, trailers, dlc and more.

Rage 2 Revealed by Bethesda
Rage 2 Revealed by Bethesda

Rage 2 has now been confirmed for Release by Bethesda Studios. Bethesda are well known for their incredible quality when it comes to gaming so we’re excited. Continue to check out this article with all the details regard Rage 2’s Release Date, Trailer, News, DLC and more.

Rage 2 News

Rage 2 official got revealed by a string of cryptic messages and images from Bethesda’s Official Twitter Page. Wallmart soon after released a leak detailing a possible release date for Rage 2.

Now that has come to light Bethesda have declared they will be showcasing Rage 2 at E3 2018. More News to Follow.

Rage 2 Trailer

Rage 2 Release Date:

We pay close attention to the release dates of all games and Rage 2 is no exception. Although we may miss the odd publisher delay we will endeavour to bring you the latest factual date possible for Rage 2. We will continue to update this article with any changes in regards to the release date of Rage 2 and include any discussion points, rumours or pre-order bonuses that may be revealed.

So if you’re asking yourself “When will Rage 2 be released” then look no further as it is currently believed that:

Rage 2 will be released on Quarter 4 2018

If the Rumours are true then the details claim that Rage 2 will be released on the following platforms.

Rage 2 on Xbox One / XBone

Released November 2013 the XBox One has been in circulation for more than 3 years and already has a wealth of games and media available to it. Currently focusing on the strengths of its online connectivity.

XBox Live integrates millions of players all over the world with the ability to play together, talk and stream. Rage 2 will be joining its healthy catalogue of games both online and offline.

Rage 2 will be available on all Possible consoles delivered by Microsoft – This includes the XBox One, XBox One S, XBox One X.

If you’re thinking of picking up the game for your XBox One X then at this stage it is still unclear whether or not Rage 2 will truly support 4K Resolution. However it is highly likely as Microsoft are really pushing the technology on all games available for the platform.

When playing on the XBox you will also have Access to XBox Live – Which will allow you and your friends to Enjoy Rage 2. If possible unlike purchasing a retail copy of Rage 2 a digital download may be available on release so be sure to check that out.

Rage 2 Achievements will also be available for you to unlock on the XBox one. Rage 2 features an extensive list of super fun and enjoyable achievements for players to unlock. We will update this article below once the achievements are confirmed.


Rage 2 on Playstation 4 / PS4

The primary competition in terms of house hold Gaming Consoles to the XBox is the Playstation 4. Sony developed and released the PS4 back in November 2013 and since then has dominated the market as one of the most powerful gaming consoles available.

The Playstation 4 has various exclusive games such as the Uncharted Series, Little Big Planet and Grand Turismo and now Rage 2 will be released for Playstation 4 users everywhere.

Rage 2 will be available on all manners of Playstation console – This includes the Playstation 4, Playstation 4 Slim and Playstation 4 Pro. Similar to the XBox One X – The Playstation 4 Pro is able to pump out Ultra HD 4K Resolution.

Does Rage 2 support this? We’re not 100% however as it’s currently 2018 – we see no real reason for it not to be. More details for once the game is available.

It’s important to note that Playstation Plus maybe required to access all Online features of Rage 2.

Playstation Online allows you and your friends to connect and play together in squads or party and also engage in a voice chat. On release it may also be possible to download Rage 2 early or digitally pre-load the game onto your console ready for launch day.

Then finally to add to this Rage 2 will also feature a selection of enjoyable trophies and unshockable for you to crunch into. Once available we will update this article with each trophy.

Rage 2 on Steam / Windows 10

PC Gaming has herald supreme for the last few generations of gaming consoles as it has the ability to deliver a much more defined and enriched experience to the gamers.

Not only do PC’s and gaming desktops have the ability to pump out a higher frame rate but they also allow for modded support across most games.

People whom are interested in Streaming Rage 2 will have a much easier and flexible experience with the likes of OBS and XSplit.

To access your games you require the aid of a strong operating system like Windows 10 as well as sometimes a Gaming application like Steam or EA’s Origin.

Rage 2 will be released for purchase and download for PC however clear cut instructions on where or how to download it are yet to be updated here.


Pre-Order Rage 2 Today! Why Wait?

It is common for games to be released with various Pre-Order bonuses as well as additional content, merchandise, exclusive artwork and much more. We hope that Rage 2 will have various iterations of its game available to purchase on launch so be sure to check with gaming retailers for the best Pre-Order deals.

Rage 2 at AMAZON

You can pre-order games from Amazon, usually they stock all available Pre-Order bonuses. Be sure to check up on what Rage 2 has to offer as sometimes games can be released with specific retailer additions.

The good news is Amazon is mostly the cheaper place to purchase brand new games regardless of platform.

Another strong reason to shop with Amazon for Rage 2 is usually their Amazon Prime sometimes promises delivery on day of delivery.

To add to this if you’ve purchased the game and your having difficulties with it then you can also return the item through to Amazon and on most occasions this has zero draw back.

Rage 2 at GAME

UK’s dedicated games and merchandise retailer is a popular place to confirm your Pre Order of Rage 2.

Although sometimes a bit more expensive GAME do cater to their fans and ensure that all orders are accounted for and dispatched in good time for release date. GAME also host a lot of developer exclusive content which you are unable to get from anywhere else.

You also rack up loyalty card points for purchasing online via the GAME website – so be sure to start redeeming those points and get some big discounts on your next games!

Rage 2 at CEX

If you’re struggling for cash and you’re still interested on picking up Rage 2 on release then there are other options – especially if you live within some parts of Europe and the UK. Cex as a Second Hand retailer are now accepting Trade-ins on all your un-wanted games to put towards Rage 2.

You might think that purchasing a pre-owned copy of Rage 2 might be a negative however a lot of consumers these days are choosing to purchase pre-owned products over new due to the cheaper price tags.

CEX are also sometimes able to send out Rage 2 on release date ready for you to sink your teeth into. Oh and if it’s not the game you wanted or you simply dont enjoy it? They have a pretty strong returns policy to take advantage of.

**Important** Sometimes DLC Codes which may come with Rage 2 on release may not be valid if you pick up a pre-owned copy.

Rage 2 Downloadable Content – DLC

It’s not rare that games are released with additional content.

We will be sure to update this article over time when even more DLC is confirmed for Rage 2 as developers continue to support their games over time.

We will also be sure to give you details on how much the Rage 2 DLC will cost although it is becoming more and more common for game developers to release free updates and downloads for their final products which is pretty badass! 


Overtime games may be delayed or the developers / publishers may choose to change release plans. As soon as we hear of any such news regarding Rage 2 and its release date.

We will be sure to update this article to keep you in the loop. If you notice that we have got any details in-correct then please reach out to us using the contact tab or simply e-mail us and we shall get it changed.

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