Final Fantasy XIV May Backstep over Fan Feedback.

Annoyed at the recent announcement over the brand new races within Final Fantasy 14? Things may change!

Final Fantasy 14

It is only months away from the brand new Expansion “ShadowBringers” for the wildly popular Final Fantasy 14. ShadowBringers will have in store for players, new missions, raids, bosses, job classes and now 2 new racers.

However due to the Gender limitation of the races some fans are not so happy and want things changed. Here’s the developers approach regarding the issue.

News From The Source.

“We have to identify what they’re coming from, so we can respond correctly,” Yoshida said about concerned fans. “We want to review all the feedback that players gave. The bottom line is that the addition of a race takes quite a lot of cost; it’s really quite an undertaking.”

Yoshida added that inĀ Final Fantasy XII, which is where Viera is from, the male Viera do not show themselves in public, so Final Fantasy XIV Online is staying loyal to the lore with only offering a female option. Yoshida explained that the male-only Hrothgar is Square Enix’s effort to offer a new male-only race in response to Viera being female-only.

I asked Yoshida if Square Enix would considering allowing more gender options for Hrothgar and Viera in the future, but it appears the studio wants to consider feedback first before making any announcements. Yoshida also said to GameSpot that, due in part to the high complexity and challenge of creating new races and balancing them, Hrothgar might be the final new race added to Final Fantasy XIV Online.” – Gamespot


We don’t really see the big deal. Yes we agree that it is limiting options for players. However this is simply the lore that the Developers have in store for their players. We don’t want to see too much creative control given to the player base.

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