Battlefield 5 Vehicles Guide, List – What we want!

A complete Feature on the Vehicles of Battlefield 5. Take a look at the Tanks, Jeeps and Aircraft you will be able to control.

Battlefield 5 Vehicles Guide List - Tanks - Planes - Jeeps
Battlefield 5 Vehicles Guide List - Tanks - Planes - Jeeps

With the reveal of Battlefield 5 we’ve been discussing amongst ourselves and asking you viewers of what you want from the Vehicles of Battlefield 5. We’ve created this extensive list on all the playable Vehicles within Battlefield 5. Guides on how to use them as well as some choice vehicles that we’d like to see.

Battlefield 5 Vehicles List

It’s important to note at this point we’re still getting details together on what Vehicles will be playable within Battlefield 5. Also some vehicles may be released after release date. So we will continue to update this Vehicle List as details emerge.

From the Battlefield Reveal Trailer 24/05/2018

The trailer above was featured as the reveal trailer and we can already see glimpses of featured vehicles.

Battlefield 5 Tanks

Firstly you see some heavy duty armoured vehicles. Tanks showing their ability to run rampage through buildings. We hope that this highlights the ability for vehicles to carve damage into structures simply by ramming into them.

We also see within the trailer the use of faster mobile jeeps which are able to carry additional personnel. One scene features a armoured vehicle towing an heavily armoured turret which may indicate within the full game we will be able to customise vehicles.

Battlefield 5 Fighters / AirCraft

Throughout the course of the trailer we see sweeping bombing runs and attack runs from overhead aircraft. This indicates that aerial dogfights will be a feature within Battlefield 5. We also hope to see Bombers and other larger aircraft.

Battlefield 5 Rockets

Towards the end of the Trailer we see a rocket rampage into the battlefield and unleash a devastating shock wave knocking troops off their feet. We do not know yet if these will be playable or controllable but we’re still pretty excited.

More Features regarding Battlefield 5 Coming Soon.

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