State of Decay 2 not loading for XBox One?

If you're having problems with State of Decay 2 not loading on XBox One - We can help with these potential fixes.

State of Decay 2 Not Loading XBox
State of Decay 2 Not Loading XBox

If you’re having long loading times with State of Decay 2 on your XBox One. Your Console maybe faulty. This troubleshooting guide has been designed to help identify the issue and resolve the problem.

State of Decay 2 Not Loading Fix Guide

It can be devastating and can happen at any moment of the game. However more often than not when games decide to cease loading data it’s during blank loading screens.

This will result in your game becoming completely unresponsive and ultimately crashing.

So if you’ve just picked up or downloaded State of Decay 2 digitally and you’ve fired it up. But you’re having problems with your game not loading. We get you.

The most frustrating part about this for the majority of time. Your Save Data, Your Progress and your accomplishments will not be saved.

Help Us Help You Fix The Problem!

It’s important to note for yourself when the game stops loading. The reason for this is – when and where it stops loading. Will give you insight into how to possibly fix the issue.

This guide for State of Decay 2 Not Loading has been created with the experience and issues from similar games on the Platform.

Although over time to help with this Troubleshooting Guide. We will be sure to update this article with any User Submitted Issues you find.

We will then endeavour to try and fix those issues. Until then we’ve compiled a list of common fixes for most reasons why State of Decay 2 may stop loading. These fixes are console specific so be sure to highlight the correct Console.

State of Decay 2 Not Loading Fix Guide Contents :

X: State of Decay 2 XBox One Not Loading Fixes
P: State of Decay 2 Playstation 4 Not Loading Fixes
S: Nintendo Switch State of Decay 2 Not Loading Fixes

X: State of Decay 2 XBox One Not Loading Fixes

If you’re having problems with State of Decay 2 not loading or freezing during the loading screens on your XBox One. Try some of the following Easy fixes.

If none of these options help you with your endeavour. You do have the option to reach out to Microsoft Support regarding the issue.

1: Download Latest XBox One State of Decay 2 Updates to Fix not loading errors

There are a few things that you can check to try and fix your Issue.

Firstly is your console running the latest Console Software Update?

Here’s how to check :
Main Menu > Settings > System > Console Info > OS Version

Latest Optimal Update for State of Decay 2 : 10.0.16299.5101

Guide : Downloading the Latest Console Update to Fix State of Decay 2 Not loading.

Ensure that you’re XBox one is connected to the internet or a nearby strong Wi-Fi source then download the latest Console firmware. Sometimes games can be released with intermittent bugs which may cause it to stop loading. These are often patched after release.

If for any reason your XBox one fails to update while downloading it maybe possible that either your having issues with your internet connection.

Or Microsoft servers are having problems on their end. We advise you to wait and if you find no resolution to this issue then reach out to Microsoft Support.

2: Is State of Decay 2 running the latest update on XBox One?

It is not uncommon for some games to be released with some Game Breaking bugs which may cause your loading issue. One way to eliminate this issue if its a software problem is to ensure that you have downloaded the Latest State of Decay 2 update.

In order to do this boot up State of Decay 2 while being connected to the internet and you will be prompted to download the latest updates.

Guide : Download the Latest State of Decay 2 Update to Fix Not Loading

Sometimes you can force the update within the options of the games. It’s important though you check that your internet connection is active or the prompt wont appear.

If you’re still having problems with State of Decay 2 not loading after updating then it may indicate a Corrupt Update file or a Software install. So we recommend the next step is to start from scratch.

3: How to re-install State of Decay 2 On XBox One to Fix Loading Issue.

Un-Installing software from your XBox one is surprisingly easy and should not be a concern for most experienced gamers. However if you’re unsure on how to clear your hard drive of any State of Decay 2 files then simply check :

Main Menu > System > Settings > System > Storage > Manage Storage > View Contents > Games > State of Decay 2 > Uninstall

Guide : Formatting and Factory Resetting Your XBox One To Fix State of Decay 2

Select the State of Decay 2 file and choose to un-install. Be warned though this will remove mostly all game files, data files, user settings, file saves and more.

However it may be necessary to resolve your crashing issue.

After a Fresh install of State of Decay 2 and your still encountering the problem then more than likely this will be a Hardware fault with either the Game disk or your XBox One itself. Here’s some key things to look out for.

4: The State of Decay 2 XBox One Disk Not Loading

If you have purchased State of Decay 2 digitally then be sure to skip this fix.

Okay so there are a few warning signs that you should look out for on your State of Decay 2 disk. XBox One Disks are covered in a scratch resistant layer which makes them pretty formidable at holding their own under daily wear and tear.

However if you push your finger lightly against the reflective side of the disc and you feel any dents, cuts, or cracks then it may be possible your State of Decay 2 disk is faulty.

GUIDE : Check out our complete guide on how to fix un-readable discs and laser burns.

We’ve created an intensive guide which focuses on your State of Decay 2 Disk. It will educate you on how to fix the issue, repair your Disk, how to identify Disk Rot and much more.

5: XBox One overheating May Cause Not Loading for State of Decay 2.

Often overlooked but a console running hot can and may cause your games to stall and not load or crash on you and without proper care may result in your console becoming damaged or unusable in the future so it’s important to take action.

GUIDE: XBox One Overheating Solution and Cleaning Guide

To help aid you we’ve created this intensive guide on cleaning your XBox One Console. This will hopefully help the console from not overheating in the future. It may also help fix your not loading issue.

6: Is your State of Decay 2 Disk the correct Region?

Most games these days have region locks. If your Copy of State of Decay 2 is not from within your region then it may not work with your XBox One.

Ensure that the Region code for both your Console and Game Match.

Reach out to Microsoft Support for more details regarding Region Locks.

Faulty XBox One? What can you do?

If you have tried all of the above issues. Now you can confirm that it is not an update issue or an install error. If you’ve tried re-installing the game and checking your console for any outside elements. Then it’s sad to say but it’s likely your console is faulty.

Guide: Console Warranty Explained / Gamers Guide To Online Refunds and Returns

However the good news is the Microsoft support team are incredibly good at offering excellent customer service.

So by all means reach out to Microsoft Support for your next step.

Maybe they can benchmark your console and find the issue or simply source you a repair or replacement.

If you’re still covered under your retail warranty then you simply can return to the place of purchase and source a replacement!

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