Will Destiny 2 Warmind Bring Players Back?

Will Destiny 2's Warmind DLC Be Enough To Bring Its Community Back?

Destiny 2 Warmind
Destiny 2 Warmind

The release of Destiny 2’s Latest Expansion “WarMind” is set for release. However does this juggernaut have any chance in recovering its player base due to it’s competition.

Destiny 2 has suffered vast losses when it comes to online re-playability and audience capture.

However the brand New Expansion offers a tonne of new content for seasoned Destiny Players which may help old fans return. What do you think?

What Gamespot Think

One of the biggest problems with the original Destiny was that it was easy to exhaust much of the game’s content given its relatively brisk campaign and focus on repeating missions and events. 

This was a symptom of the original game’s growing identity, which it slowly developed over the course of its first year–resulting in the fantastic, game-changing expansion The Taken King. Destiny 2 has a greater sense of itself and is smart about how it manages to make things interesting during the early months, but it quickly falls victim to the recurring issue of player engagement, along with a series of poor matchmaking, quest design, and shallow endgame content.

One issue that’s arguably worse in the sequel is that it’s difficult to measure progress gained after reaching a certain point after the campaign’s completion. While reaching Raid status was the benchmark, the pursuit of that often forces players to go through a series of hurdles to make it.

Players will eventually find themselves having to repeat the same content with continually diminishing returns–made worse by some odd drop-rates and occurrences of repeat loot that Bungie have attempted to address with recent patches. While this is inevitable for many online games focusing on the grind, other titles have made that pursuit of fresh loot engaging in the long-term, but Destiny 2’s approach to the endgame cycle makes for a largely futile and exhausting experience.

When your efforts to progress seems to conflict with the game’s grind–which is supposed to fun and challenging, but comes off as taxing–then it creates a sense of angst among the community, making them feel like their time isn’t being well-spent.

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