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Command and Conquer Rivals Release Date

Command and Conquer Rivals Revealed, News, Dates & More.

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Revealed during E3’s EA Press Conference. Command and Conquer Rivals hit viewers hard when they revealed the next in line for this legacy franchise. However Command and Conquer Rivals has yet to be only revealed for Android and Apple.

Command & Conquer Rivals EA Information.

EA are taking the helm on the, design, creation and release of Command & Conquer Rivals. Overtime they will be releasing more and more information regarding the current status of Command & Conquer Rivals.

Command & Conquer Rivals EA INFORMATION

You can reach out to EA with the above support form. Alternatively you can always follow them on their available social hubs to get the latest regarding Command & Conquer Rivals.

Command & Conquer Rivals News.

E3 Reveal of Command and Conquer Rivals.

Fans of the popular RTS franchise were left a little confused at the latest reveal of Command and Conquer Rivals during EA’s Press Conference.

They featured a live competitive game between two gamers using their phones to showcase the brand new mobile-tap strategy game. The game features 3 points of interest in which you must establish control to utilise heavy damage on your enemies base.

The reveal is being met with mixed opinions from the community.

Command & Conquer Rivals Trailer & Game play Footage.

Command and Conquer Rivals Reveal Trailer.

Rivals revealed hard with this explosive trailer. Featuring two commanders from NOD and GDI having an epic turf war. You see various famous units from within the universe and some new.

The above reveal trailer also features the iconic Mammoth tank and new underground robotic worms which can cause heavy damage to your opponents. It has a pretty fun reveal of Kane at the end.

Command & Conquer Rivals Release Date.

We will be updating this article overtime with any changes, rumours or alterations to Command & Conquer Rivals’s release date. If EA has any news regarding any delays or push backs then we will also be covering that to ensure you’re not disappointed.

Currently Command & Conquer Rivals is scheduled to be released Late 2018 With Alpha Starting now.

Command and Conquer Rivals PC

It has yet to be confirmed however Command and Conquer Rivals may be available on the following platforms.

PC / LAPTOP      


It has yet to be confirmed however it is believed that Command And Conquer Rivals may be a Android/Apple Application only. Meaning you will only have access to it within your Mobile Device. However here’s hoping we may see it to be released on PC’s at least.

PRE-ORDER Command & Conquer Rivals Today!

It is common for games to be released with various bonuses as well as additional content, merchandise and more if you order before release. So ensure you’re ahead of the game by pre-purchasing Command & Conquer Rivals from EA.

Below we have listed some popular retailers that may have unique content with their versions of Command & Conquer Rivals.

Command & Conquer Rivals on PC / LAPTOP.

Pre-Order on PC / Laptop Today.

EA have yet to confirm is Rivals will be available on Origin. Playing Command & Conquer Rivals on a Gaming Rig will give you access to increased details and smoother frame rates.


If Command and Conquer Rivals is available on PC then it is likely that EA will be working closely with the Gaming Client ORIGIN. This client will be necessary for you to Pre-Order and gain access to all exclusive content Command & Conquer Rivals has to offer.

Pre-Order on Origin Today.

It will also provide necessary updates, content expansions and more overtime.

Command & Conquer Rivals Guides for PC?.

We will be sourcing all the details together ready for Command & Conquer Rivals. We will then feature Guides for Command & Conquer Rivals on PC Here.