Alright! So you’ve won a competition or giveaway as part of our Twitch Stream?! GoodJob! However in order to ensure that we send your giveaway as fast as possible then you need to understand the basic ground rules and guidelines! Yes…Yes I know it’s boring but it’s gotta happen!

Rules / Guidelines

Okay so the giveaway is en-route however only after one week of consistent activity will the giveaway be issued. This allows us to more directly reward the true fans of Chaos Hour. If you’ve won a giveaway and you’re absent then sorry – We will probably pass it on to the more dedicated viewer.

If you have been selected as a winner you can gift it. However you can only gift it to another person from the Chaos Hour community. Simply declare who you want to gift it to and we can pass that on.

In order to be eligable for the giveaway then you must be following our below channels:

Subscribe to us on Youtube - Today!ChaosHour.Com / YoutubFollow us on Twitch Today!

ChaosHour.Com / Twitch

Join us on Discord - Today!

ChaosHour.Com / Discord


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