Reliable and Sturdy Gaming headphones are incredibly sought after especially with games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch and more rocking the current streaming channels. However if you’re on a budget then that objective becomes much harder to hit. However we may have solved that problem with this Logitech G231 Review.

We’re checking out the Logitech G231 Gaming Headset. Primarily aimed at a PC Gamer audience this headset is focused on purely functionality and comfort in mind. But how well does it fair against the Juggernauts which are currently available.


The Design of the G231 may seem bulky to some however it screams robust and durable to us. Each ear cup features a gorgeous orange and grey finish with the Logitech o0 in chrome embedded into the sides of each cup.

Logitech G231 Review DesignThe head band is thick and consistent with the G231’s overall design and the Microphone is generally bigger than other similar models. The microphone itself however has some flex ability so if you’re interested in moving it to the optimal position then you’re in luck.


Logitech have spared no expense when it comes to comfort for their fans and consumers. Each ear cup has been designed for extensive play in mind. Padded with a depth of soft mesh the G231 not only is comfortable and warm to wear but also excels in cancelling the majority of outside noise.

Logitech G231 ReviewAttached to the underside of the headband is more soft mesh which has been designed to increase comfort for the user over long periods of time.


Where as the G231 Excels in comfort and design elements. In terms of functionality it is a little weak.It is only able to provide 2.1 Surround and has limited functionality control over this. Attached to the main data wire is a small audio controller at which point you can mute the microphone or adjust volume settings.

The G231 does handle bass beats and low end frequencies really well. The headset in general is able to deliver a wide range of audio samples at great quality. This makes the G231 ideal for gaming, watching films and listening to various audio genres.


The G231 focuses on your standard Aux connection with also a microphone input. Both of these cables form the connection input you require for using your G231 on your Gaming Rig or Laptop. The connection is only roughly one meter in length so an extension maybe required.

Logitech G231 ReviewThe good news is this Headset is also Compatible for your XBox One and PlayStation 4 Console. The connections adequately fit the controllers of both console and will perform as of standard.


We’re proud of Logitech for always displaying the ability to create products which reach all people within the gaming world. This includes high end enthusiast and casual gamers. The G231 is a perfect  entry headset for budding pc gamers.


However if you’re looking for something a little more immersive and robust then you may need to consider Logitechs Enthusiast range. You can easily pick up your very own Logitech G231 at an incredible price of only £38.00 currently through CEX. Cex is a second hand retailer within the UK however they do boast a 2 y;ear full year warranty. Alternative to this you can simply pick one up for brand new either Via Amazon or Logitechs on line store.

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