The Nintendo Switch is going from Strength to Strength with increasing Sales results over the 2018 Period. It now boasts an impressive 22.86 Million overall sales globally. This has been a massive profit maker for the Nintendo Company.

This is just months ahead of Nintendo’s Plans to release an improved Version of the Nintendo Switch. However true details on what is featured within that console has yet to be disclosed.

News From The Source.

Nintendo sold 3.19 million Nintendo Switch units in the second quarter of this year, pushing the total sales to 22.86 million overall. 

Added to the first quarter’s success, that takes Nintendo’s Switch total sales to 5.07 million units just between April and September this year.

The strong sales bump Nintendo’s revenue by 4 per cent year-on-year to ¥388.9 billion ($3.4 billion), giving a net profit of ¥64.6 billion ($573 million) – that’s a 25.4 per cent hike compared with the net profit reported for the same period last year (thanks,

The Nintendo 3DS, on the other hand, saw a 65 per cent drop year-on-year, although the handheld console did sell a further million units over the period. Sales of Nintendo’s “mini” editions were much stronger, with the NES and SNES selling 3.59 million units since April 2018.MCVUK


This can only be good news for the Future of Nintendo Switch Gamers. Nintendo’s previous consoles suffered criticism for not having enough software support. However the Nintendo Switch catalogue of Games is incredibly impressive and strong.

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