It’s that time of year where shelves are packed with game exclusives and new titles. To add to that list is Gears of War 5. The sequel from the spectacular Gears 4. Gears of War 5 will give you the opportunity to dive deeper into the story behind the swarm, the fenix back story and much more.

Gears of War 5 Ultimate Edition

Even better news is that Gears of War 5 is already available to pre-install onto your gaming rig if you have access to ultimate game pass. That’s right for as little as currently £2.00 per month you can get access to Gears of War 5.

You can already Pre-Download the game ready to avoid any queue times or download times on the 6th of September when Gears of War 5 is released.

The Ultimate Edition grants you access to early game time, a wealth of skins and in-game content, experience boosters and so much more. It’s well worth the investment for any Gears of War Fan.

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